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Minimize Downtime in Cloud Hosting Facilities

Friday, August 15th, 2014

In cloud hosting facilities, an effective power redundancy solution provides helps to ensure that user access to data, services and tools cannot be interrupted by an unexpected power outage. Although power redundancy is a relatively simple proposition in applications where only dual power inlet devices are present, in the real world, cloud hosting facilities often include a smattering of single inlet devices such as cooling systems, older application servers and aging distribution switches that do not include built-in power redundancy capabilities.


Why You Need to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Here’s one to file under, “We All Knew This was Going to Happen Sooner or Later” …

Several events recently have shown some of the weaknesses, or dangers, of cloud based hosting, and the need for information and guides to aid users in protecting their data in the cloud. To keep it simple: The cloud in the context of this article refers to all remote storage locations that you do not have full control over. This includes your Dropbox account, your videos on Youtube or the data that you upload to Facebook.