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How to Fix “No Internet Secured” Wifi Connectivity Issues on Windows

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

I haven’t run into this problem myself, (yet,) but perhaps you have …

The following guide provides you with a solution for fixing the dreaded “no Internet secured” notification that signals Wifi connectivity issues on machines running Windows. I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device back when it first came out, and liked it a lot. It is the device that I use mostly when I’m traveling as it offers all I require in a compact package. For the past year or so, I noticed a strange wireless Internet connectivity issue regularly when connecting the device using WiFi. Connections to the WiFi hotspot work, but Internet did not at times.


How Do You Make the Case for More Bandwidth?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

It seems inevitable that as the capabilities of the internet and reliance on technology grow, we’ll all need more bandwidth …

Organizations of all sizes deal with the challenge of trying to push more out of existing investments. One stopping point can be Internet connectivity or site-to-site bandwidth. Rick Vanover shares some thoughts and opens this discussion up to TechRepublic members.


Last week, I had the honor again to attend the VMworld conference in San Francisco. VMworld isn’t just about virtualization any more. If you haven’t heard, one of the key themes of many messages revolves around cloud technologies.