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A Console Server Allows You to Take Care of Problems at Remote Sites without a Service Call

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Service calls to remote network equipment sites are both time consuming and expensive. When an Ethernet switch or other device at a remote equipment site crashes and takes down valuable network services with it, administrators can’t afford to wait for a tech team to arrive on site to correct the problem and restore communication. In order to minimize downtime and cut service costs, many network administrators rely on the out-of-band access capabilities that can be provided by a Console Server.


Managing Remote Network Elements with a Console Server

Monday, October 14th, 2013

The most challenging aspect of managing network elements at remote sites is often the simple fact that remote sites are generally located some distance away from those who manage them. Many routine network problems can often be solved by simply accessing the console port and changing a few parameters. The problem with managing remote network devices is that their distant location makes it difficult implement even simple solutions. The most effective way to deal with problems at remote network equipment sites is to use a Console Server to provide remote access to console port command functions.


The Console Server: An Important Element in an Effective Out-of-Band Management Solution

Friday, September 13th, 2013

When a vital network element located at a remote installation site crashes or becomes unresponsive, an out-of-band management solution can help administrators to correct the problem without the hassles, expense and delays of a service call. When an out-of-band management solution includes a console server, this enables administrators to access console port command functions on remote network elements in order to perform diagnostic routines, change configuration parameters and check conditions at the distant network site without the need to travel to the site in person.


An Out of Band Management Solution for DC Powered Equipment Racks

Friday, January 13th, 2012

When a vital network device at a remote network equipment site malfunctions or refuses to communicate, an out of band management solution provides administrators with a handy way to diagnose and correct problems at the remote site without the expense and inconvenience of a time-consuming service call. As a general rule, the more distant, remote and out-of-the-way the network equipment cabinet is, the more important it is to have out of band access to console port command functions when problems arise at the remote site.


Effective Security for Dial-Up Out of Band Management Applications

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Security and authentication are two vital elements for any out of band management strategy. The reason for this is simple: given the powerful remote access capabilities provided by an out of band management solution, it’s extremely important that access to console port command functions on remote network elements is adequately protected from unauthorized users. While it’s relatively easy to implement effective security and authentication measures when out of band management is accessed via a secondary maintenance network connection, the task of authenticating each user can prove to be much more of a challenge when the out of band management solution is accessed via dial-up connection.


Console Management Provides Secure, Out of Band Communication with Remote Network Devices

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Network applications that include off-site data centers and remote equipment racks often present a unique challenge for network administrators; when vital network elements at a remote location malfunction or crash, the task of accessing command functions on a remote network device is much more complicated than it would be if the network device was located at the central office. In cases like this, console management provides a secure, reliable means to communicate with remote devices without actually traveling to the remote equipment site in person.


Power Redundancy Ensures Remote Console Server Access When You Need It the Most

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

When malfunctioning network equipment at a remote equipment rack brings network communication to a halt, a remote console server can often provide a secure, reliable means to access console port command functions on the afflicted network element in order to restore network communication without an expensive, time-consuming service call to the remote equipment rack. Given the powerful remote diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities provided by a remote console server, it’s easy to see that when problems arise at a remote network equipment rack, it’s absolutely vital that the remote console server is ready and able to help support personnel to take care of the problem, and that’s why it’s also important that the remote console server includes power redundancy and power fallback capabilities.


The Linux Powered Console Server – An Out of Band Management Solution for Remote Network Equipment

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

In many cases, the most challenging aspect of managing devices located at remote data centers or equipment racks is the very fact that those remote network elements are not easy to get to. Minor routine maintenance tasks, such as restarting a malfunctioning network device or making quick configuration tweaks, take on a completely different level of complexity due to the fact that the device in question is located so far away from the central office. A Linux powered console server ( is designed to simplify the task of managing remote network elements by providing a simple, effective way to access command functions on remote devices, even when communication via your main network is not available.