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A Serial Switch Simplifies Management of Remote Network Equipment Racks

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Most network administrators who are responsible for managing remote network equipment racks know the value of a good serial switch. A well-designed serial switch not only provides out of band management capabilities for communicating with remote network elements when the main network is down, but also enables network administrators to keep a closer watch on conditions and events at remote network equipment racks without the expense of stationing onsite personnel at the remote site, or the inconvenience of traveling to the remote site in person in order to deal with finicky equipment or to check on conditions at the remote rack.


A Linux Powered Console Server Saves Time and Money

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

When minor problems at a remote network equipment site disrupt network communication, often the only way to restore communication is a service call to the remote site to deal with the problem in person. Although service calls to the remote network equipment racks provide a simple means to get your network back up and running again, service calls are also expensive and time consuming. Sending a service team out on the road is not only costly, but it also monopolizes key support personnel when they might be needed back at the central office. In addition to the cost of the service call, there’s also a built-in delay factor; before your service techs can even begin to deal with your network communication problems, sometimes they need to spend a day or so traveling to the remote equipment rack first.


How a Server Console Switch Can Cut Remote Network Management Costs

Friday, January 28th, 2011

If you manage a network long enough, then sooner or later you’ll be forced to deal with a problematic network device located at a remote equipment site. If you’re lucky, that trouble-making network element won’t cause a wider network outage … but in many cases, problems with a remote network device can often temporarily cripple an entire network. This leaves the network administrator with a dilemma: you can’t fix the wider network problem without command access to equipment at the remote site, and you can’t access the remote equipment because the network is down, so what do you do? If your network infrastructure includes a server console switch, the answer is easy; just log into the server console switch via secondary network or modem, and you’re back in business again!