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Windows 10 KB4015438 Fixes Crashes and Hangs

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Apparently, last week’s security updates caused a couple of new problems which have now (hopefull,) been fixed.

The new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) KB4015438 patches two issues introduced by last week’s Patch Day. This raises the version of the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10 to 14393.969. The KB4015438 update seems to fix two issues introduced last week that affected some users of the operating system after devices were updated with last week’s security updates.


Simple Solutions to Fix Flash Crashes when Using Firefox

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

If you’ve noticed that Flash has been crashing more often since the latest Firefox update, here are a few simple fixes that might help …

We review each new stable Firefox release here on Ghacks Technology News, and one recurring theme that we come across is that at least some users report issues with Adobe’s Flash Player after they have updated to the latest version of Firefox. While many users do not experience any issues, some do and it can be a frustrating experience, especially if you do not really know where to start troubleshooting the issue to resolve it.


Firefox 18.0.2 Will Resolve Crashes When on Facebook

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

If you’re a Firefox user, and your browser keeps crashing when you visit Facebook, don’t worry … a fix is on the way.

Ever since Firefox 18.0.1 was released part of the web browser’s user base experienced crashes on the world’s most popular social networking site Facebook. The crashes, experienced not only by stable channel users of Firefox but also by beta, aurora and nightly users, have been identified by Mozilla to happen almost exclusively on Facebook. Some users of the browser reported Firefox freezing when they go to Facebook, while others reported that it would crash when they did so.


Adobe Flash Update 11.4 Fixes Internet Explorer Crashes, Vulnerabilities

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

This is good news; IE has been crashing like crazy for the past month or so …

I have to admit that I’m glad that I’m no longer running Adobe Flash on my main system as a standalone plugin. It is still installed as part of Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 10 n my second desktop PC. Adobe today has released a new Flash update bringing the version of the standalone plugin to Flash Player 11.4.402.287.


Adobe Flash Update 11.3.300.262 Said to Fix Firefox Issues

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Adobe has released a new update that (hopefully) addresses some of the Firefox conflicts that the previous update caused …

When Adobe shipped an update of its Flash Player earlier this month, reports began to emerge by Firefox users that something was not right. Some users reported issues on popular mostly Flash-driven websites such as YouTube, while others experienced crashes and freezes in the browser. Both Mozilla and Adobe offered troubleshooting tips for Firefox users who were affected by those issues.