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A Network Power Switch with Monitoring and Alarm Capabilities

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Not too many years ago, it was rare to find a network power switch in a remote network equipment cabinet. Prior to the popularity of out of band management, many network administrators relied on an expensive service call whenever a network element at a remote site needed to be rebooted. But as the concept of out of band management has become more widely accepted, we’re now at a point where it’s pretty rare to find a remote network equipment cabinet that doesn’t include a network power switch.


A Quality Remote Power Switch Can do a Lot More than Just Remote Reboots

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Most network administrators are fairly familiar with the concept of using a remote power switch to initiate a reboot cycle at a remote network equipment rack. Although the remote reboot capabilities provided by a remote power switch can be a lifesaver when a vital network element at a remote site suddenly locks up, a high quality remote reboot switch can usually do a heck of a lot more than just cycle power Off and back On again; a full-featured remote power switch should also be able to keep you informed about noteworthy conditions and events at off-site data centers and remote network equipment racks.


Remote Reboot with Monitoring and Alarm Functions

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Most network administrators are already pretty familiar with the benefits that are provided by a remote reboot. When a vital network element at a remote network equipment site suddenly locks up and refuses to respond, often, a simple remote reboot can take care of the problem and get the network device back up and running again. In fact, remote reboot capabilities are such a key element of most out of band management solutions, that it’s becoming increasingly rare to find an off-site data center or remote network equipment cabinet that doesn’t support the ability to remotely reboot servers, routers and other network devices at the site.


A Remote Power Switch Can Save Both Time and Money

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

When a critical network device in a remote equipment rack suddenly locks up and takes your network with it, in many cases, a simple power reboot is enough to get the troublesome network device up and running again. In a case like this, one solution would be to send a service team out to the remote equipment rack to reboot the malfunctioning device in person, but the only problem with that approach, is that it takes time to travel to the remote equipment rack, and when your network is down, often your entire business grinds to a halt. A better solution to this type of problem is to make sure that remote network equipment racks include a remote power switch, that allows network administrators to reboot critical network devices at the remote site without the expense an delays associated with a service call.


The Remote Reboot Switch – An Economical Way to Deal with Problems at Remote Equipment Racks

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Often, problems with many network elements can be solved with a simple power reboot. While a power reboot is a relatively simple task to perform when the network element in question is located nearby, it can be a whole different game if a malfunctioning network element at a remote equipment rack, miles away from your office, needs to be rebooted. It’s wasteful and inefficient to send a service team on a long journey to reboot a network element at a remote site; in cases like this, the most practical solution is a remote reboot unit, installed at the remote equipment rack.