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Microsoft Edge Annoyances

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

I have no problem with the lack of customization options and I haven’t had problems with copy and paste functions either, but the lagging and occasional slowness of Edge does get to be a pain sometimes.

Microsoft Edge is a new browser, and while I tend to be lenient when it comes to new browsers and the features that they may be missing, I think it is fair to hold browser’s by multi-billion Dollar companies to higher standards than browsers created by smaller companies. When Microsoft Edge launched with Windows 10 in 2015, it was clear that Microsoft cut the tie to Internet Explorer in a major way.


Sort Items in Google’s Black Bar the Way You want

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Here’s a cool trick for personalizing the Google search page … I don’t really have a problem with the default layout myself, but it’s still nice to know that it can be changed.

For now, Google displays a black bar at the top of most of its properties that link to other Google properties. If you look at the bar right now, you will notice that it links to Search, Images, Maps, Gmail and of course the Google+ profile. The items listed here are partially there because they are the most popular services that Google has to offer, but also because of the company’s agenda to push services such as Google+.