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Block WhatsApp from Sharing (Most) Data with Facebook

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

If you value your privacy (or if you just don’t enjoy being force fed ads for everything you mention on FB,) you might find this simple tweak useful.

WhatsApp users worldwide will receive a prompt over the course of the next few days that moves the application one step closer to its parent company Facebook. As you know, Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for $19 billion. While it pushed one of the most successful messaging products into Facebook’s product lineup, many wondered how the company was turning WhatsApp into a profitable product.


Google Halts Facebook Data Usage – So Facebook Pole Vaults

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

These wars between internet giants have a tendency to get pretty ugly sometimes …

Updated: The great internet war heats up, as Google slams Facebook for leaving users in a ‘data dead end’

The drumbeat of diplomatic tension between Facebook and Google, two internet heavyweights, is growing louder by the day.