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Incredibly Simple MySQL Administration with SQL Buddy

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

“Simple” is almost always a good thing …

If you have a need to manage MySQL databases, you know that learning the syntax for the various MySQL tools can be a real nightmare. Fortunately there are tools out there that make this job far more easy. But of the web-based tools, which are easiest? You might have given phpMyAdmin a try, but found it a bit complex to get up and running (if you’re curious about phpMyAdmin, read my article “Install phpmyadmin for easy MySQL administration“). If that is the case, and you’re still looking for an easy way to manage your MySQL databases, look no further than SQL Buddy.


Use Case for Older Software – Easier, Thinner and Quicker

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

I definitely agree with this one; most new software is just too reliant on network access, unnecessarily complicated and to resource-hungry.

We live in a world of connected pieces of software that rely on many different pieces. Any given piece of functionality in the form of a software application can require an operating system, a database engine, browser functionality and more. Depending on the requirements, this can be a lot of supporting stuff just to get to run one piece of software.