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A DC Powered Remote Console Server is the Perfect Solution for Remote Equipment Racks

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Due to the very nature of some network applications, many remote network equipment racks are located so far off of the beaten track, that they’re beyond the reach of AC power lines and sometimes even beyond the reach of internet cables. In spite of the isolated locations of these remote equipment racks, network administrators still need a means to communicate with the devices at the remote site in order to retrieve data, issue configuration commands and check device status. A DC powered remote console server ( provides an ideal tool for administrators who need out of band management capabilities for remote network elements in environments where only DC Power is available and communication with the outside world is limited to dial-up or satellite modem.


A DC Powered Console Server Can Go Places Where AC Power is Impractical

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

All remote network equipment applications can benefit from the secure console port access that’s provided by a console server. Unfortunately though, most console servers run on AC power, and if that network equipment is located at a remote site, or in other locations where only DC Power is available, then the only practical solution is a DC powered console server.


DC Powered Console Server Applications in the Central Office …

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

WTI’s console server products are often used in -48VDC powered central office applications. Historically, these products have often been used by the Telco industry for communication with network elements via console or craft ports. In addition to our console server products, WTI also manufactures a line of dial-up, rack mount, -48VDC powered modems which are also ideal for central office applications.


Why Would You Need a DC Powered Console Server?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

In addition to our line of 120V and 240V AC powered console servers, WTI also manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of DC powered console server products. But why would you need a DC powered console server or terminal switch anyway?

There are many reasons to go with DC power. Some users prefer DC power because it provides less resistance and well as higher amperage. Most often though, DC power is the logical choice for devices that will be installed in remote locations, where AC power is either impractical, unfeasible or just not available. Power companies, telecommunications companies and other high power consumption applications often choose DC power for installations because it’s more economical than running AC power lines to a remote location. Although a console server doesn’t generally consume a lot of amps, the other network equipment in your rack might draw a relatively large amount of DC current.