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Yes, Defragmenting is Still a Useful Thing

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Defragmentation still has it’s place, especially when dealing with slow loading files and programs, but given the size of most hard drives these days, defragmenting a drive can often take a heck of a long time.

You may have read Samer’s Ten software trends that are (or should be dying) recently here on Ghacks which listed disk defragmentation as one of the trends that is dying. It is undeniable that the rise of Solid State Drives and better defragmentation support of operating systems have made the need to defragment disks or files less of an issue on many computer systems.


Does Linux need to be defrag’d?

Monday, June 7th, 2010

This is useful information for anybody who uses Linux …

I get this question a lot. And generally speaking the answer is a resounding “no”. I have gone nearly twelve years using Linux without defragging a drive and I’ve never noticed a slowdown on a system. But just because you don’t need to doesn’t mean you can’t. I have found  it possible to actually check the fragmentation of a linux mount point and defragment that mount point.

In this article I will discuss this very issue and then I will show you how you can test the fragmentation of a mount point on your Linux drive and then defragment that mount point.