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How to Fix Resolving Host (DNS) Issues on Windows

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

A quick primer on DNS lookup issues, and four basic solutions for dealing with DNS problems …

Sometimes when you are using your computer you may experience issues when trying to connect to specific sites, services or using specific programs. Depending on the program in question, you may get a status message such as “resolving host” or something similar. Google Chrome for instance may display that message in the status bar when you connect to sites, while Firefox displays “looking up” instead. While the issue may be limited to individual sites or programs, it may also be the case that it is affecting any program or site on the device.


VTrace Offers Whois, DNS Lookup, Trace And More

Friday, August 27th, 2010

This sounds like an interesting program to experiment with …

It is sometimes important to gather information about a specific web host. A simple example is a traceroute that can be used to get information about a connection to a specific host. Most operating systems come with a basic set of networking tools that display those information.

But the standard tools of the operating system are not the only tools that can be used for the purpose of troubleshooting or analyzing a host or connection. The two other available options are online tools and third party applications.