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HTTPS Everywhere Now Warns About Encryption Weaknesses

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

If you’re concerned about security (and aren’t we all,) here’s a Firefox add-on that helps to detect encryption weaknesses in routers, firewalls and other devices …

Two weeks ago a team of mathematicians and cryptographers released a paper in which they described a weakness in the encryption used by routers, firewalls, web services or virtual private network. The flaw, affecting only a small number of cases where the random prime number generation fails to work correctly.


Net neutrality: Seven questions for the new Internet rule makers

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The most trouble thing about net neutrality, is that the definition of “neutral” seems to be up in the air …

It probably wasn’t how Google’s CEO-founder Eric Schmidt (of “Don’t Be Evil” fame) envisioned things. Earlier this month protesters converged on the Google campus to protest the Google-Verizon joint proposal to keep the internet neutral. Called a “joint policy proposal for an open internet,” it was innocuous-sounding enough, but to many it is being seen, above all, as a sellout of the wireless internet where Google itself is keen to play. There’s some thoughtful consideration given in the proposal to treating all content equally — but only where “wireline networks” are concerned. There is also a call for “network transparency,” but since decades into internet build-out there is still little network transparency, this seems more like a wish than a policy suggestion.