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A Serial Console Server that Supports Data Buffering

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

In many remote network equipment rack applications, the serial console server is mainly used to provide out of band management access to console port command functions on vital network elements. Although out of band management capabilities are absolutely vital for the efficient management of remote network devices, a serial console server can also be called on to perform other tasks that can be equally helpful to network administrators. For example, a serial console server that includes buffer mode ports can also be used to collect error messages and other data from connected network elements.


Data Buffering – Yet Another Useful Feature Provided by a Serial Switch

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

In most applications, a serial switch is used to provide secure, out of band access to command functions on remote network elements, allowing diagnosis and troubleshooting of problems at remote network sites when the main network is not available. In addition to this crucial out of band management function, in some applications serial switches are also used to collect data and error messages that remote network elements send out via console port. In cases where the serial switch is used to buffer console port data, a buffer threshold alarm can prove to be an extremely helpful feature for administrators who need to collect this buffered data for use in analytical and diagnostic programs.


How a Serial Switch with Buffered Ports Helps to Cut Network Downtime

Friday, November 12th, 2010

In addition to providing out of band access to network devices, a well designed serial switch should also be able to collect data from connected devices, and then later allow you to retrieve that data in order to check device status and operation. When a serial switch includes buffered ports, data such as error messages, status reports and error codes can be collected from connected devices and then reviewed later to help diagnose problems when devices crash or malfunction.