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A Console Access Server with Alarm Features Cuts Expenses and Downtime

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

A well-designed, full featured console access server can do a whole lot more than merely provide out of band access to console port command functions on remote network devices. If a console access server includes environmental alarms and event alarms, then it can also help network administrators to keep better tabs on conditions at remote network equipment sites.


A Terminal Switch Provides a Valuable Tool for Out of Band Management

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The out of band management capabilities provided by a terminal switch can be a real life saver for network administrators who are charged with the task of managing remote network equipment racks. Without a terminal switch, often the only way to deal with problems at remote equipment sites is a costly service call or truck roll to a remote equipment site that might take hours, or even days to reach. Obviously, the remote console port command access provided by a terminal switch can be a real life saver, but the remote monitoring and alarm notification capabilities provided by a full featured terminal switch can be equally helpful too.


A Serial Console Server Saves Both Time and Money

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Not too many years ago, the only way to deal with a crashed server or router at a remote network equipment site was to send your tech support team off on a long, expensive road trip to the remote site, and when they finally got there, the problem could often be solved by merely entering a few simple commands via the console port on the remote device. Not only was this type of solution prohibitively expensive, but you were often left without network communication until the tech support team finally arrived at the remote equipment site and took care of the problem. Today, this type of solution to a problem at a remote equipment site has become increasingly rare, thanks to the out of band management capabilities provided by a serial console server.


A Console Access Server with Environmental Alarms and Event Alarms

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

When something goes wrong (or even starts to go wrong) at a remote network equipment site, it’s vital for network administrators to know about it as quickly as possible. Environmental factors such as an increase or decrease in rack temperature and significant events, such as failure to respond to a ping command, can be an important indication that all is not right at a remote network facility. The most reliable way to keep informed about environment changes and events is to include a console access server with monitoring capabilities in the design of your remote network equipment sites.


An SNMP Enabled Console Server – Centralized Management for Remote Network Sites

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Large, modern, corporate networks often include dozens of remote network equipment sites. Sometimes, these remote sites are located several states away; other times, they might be located on the other side of the Earth. With this in mind, it quickly becomes obvious that in order to maintain such a network, it’s vital for the network to include some sort of centralized management capability that allows network administrators to be kept informed of unit status at these remote sites. In many cases a console server that supports SNMP can provide an ideal solution for centralized management of remote network equipment sites in a large, far-flung corporate network.