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Event Monitor Service for Windows

Monday, March 7th, 2016

If you need to keep an extremely close watch on your PC (or PCs,) this service can notify you when files are deleted, DLLs are loaded, registry changes are made and when other potential signs of trouble are detected.

Event Monitor Service is a free (for personal use) program for Windows that monitors important system events such as file deletions or Registry changes. As the name suggests, a service is installed when you hit the supplied install.bat batch file which starts to operate as soon as it has been created. There is also an uninstall.bat file which you can make use of to remove the service again from operating systems it was installed on previously.


Out of Band Management and Environmental Monitoring, All in One Box

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

If your network infrastructure includes off-site data centers or distant network equipment racks, then you’re most likely already pretty familiar with the concept of utilizing a console server to provide out of band management capabilities for remote network equipment. When your off-site data center or remote network equipment cabinet includes an out of band management solution, many routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks can be performed without the need for an expensive service call to the remote site and the associated time delays while tech support personnel travel to the remote equipment site.


Using a Network Power Switch to Keep Tabs on Remote Network Equipment

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Remote network equipment sites always present a unique set of challenges for the network administrator. Due to the distant location of off-site data centers and remote equipment racks, they are obviously more difficult to access than a local equipment rack. This means that not only is it more difficult to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting functions at a remote equipment site, it’s also more difficult to keep track of potentially harmful conditions and events at the remote site.