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An Economical Power Redundancy Solution for Single Inlet Network Devices

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Power redundancy is becoming an increasingly important element in many network applications. The reason for this is simple; an intelligently deployed power redundancy solution with automatic power fallback capabilities helps to minimize network downtime and ensure that critical network elements are always available when needed. An effective power redundancy solution helps to reduce the risk of network outages by providing a means to automatically switch over to a back-up power supply in the event that the primary power supply fails, or becomes unstable.


The Power Transfer Switch – An Economical Alternative for Power Redundancy and Fallback

Monday, June 27th, 2011

If you’re responsible for managing vital network elements located at remote equipment racks, then you’ve probably already had to deal with problems caused by unstable power supplies. When power goes out at a remote equipment rack, it often stays out until support personnel can travel to the remote site and deal with the problem in person. Power outages are much less of a problem if your network application already includes network elements with built in power fallback and power redundancy features, but what if your equipment rack also includes older, single-inlet devices that don’t offer the ability to fallback to a secondary power supply?