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Music Industry to Pay for Catching Pirates

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Music piracy has been around since the invention of the tape recorder. If the Music Industry is really concerned about their falling profits, then maybe they should worry more about producing a better, more economical product instead of alienating their own customer base.

Coalition says film, TV and music industries must bear financial burden of pursuing illegal downloaders

The government has said today that rights holders in the music, TV and film industries will have to bear 75% of the expense of notifying and pursuing illegal downloaders – estimated to be as much as £14m a year.


How To Send Large Files To Friends

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Many people already know these tricks, but they’re worth repeating none the less …

You sometimes may need to send large files to friends, colleagues or other people on the Internet. Think about photos of the last party that you want to share with someone, or a new music album, video, document or application. Email is the obvious choice for many, mainly because everyone has an email client (be it web email or desktop email) and it is dead easy to use.

All it takes is to write a new email, attach the files that need to be shared and add the contacts that should receive it.

Email does have a disadvantage though, a size limit makes it virtually impossible to send very large files. Most providers reject emails that cross the 20-25 MB line. You might want to consider splitting up the files to stay below that limit but it does mean additional work, and there are better options, especially if files need to be send regularly.


Why filesharing has killed unlimited mobile data contracts

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Why offer “unlimited” mobile data contracts in the first place if you don’t expect people to use them?

Only a tiny number of people use huge amounts of data – which means that many more have seen ‘unlimited’ contracts killed off. It’s a tragedy of the commons for mobile data

So the free lunch – otherwise known as the unlimited data tariff – is over. O2 said on Thursday that it will no longer be offering new or upgrading customers its “unlimited” tariff for smartphone users – principally, it’s believed, the iPhone users, whose numbers connected to O2 have grown from 1m to 2m in a year.