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Block Programs from Loading Untrusted Fonts in Windows 10

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Downloaded fonts have long been a potential security problem. That’s probably why many older browsers limited you to the fonts that were already installed on your system.

Microsoft implemented a new security feature in Windows 10’s November update build that added an option to the operating system to block the loading of untrusted fonts. The use of fonts has always been problematic in the Windows operating system from a security point of view as bugs in font-handling code could give attackers high-level privileges. Bulletins such as MS15-078 indicate that the Windows font system is targeted regularly, and one way to mitigate the impact of these attacks was the new untrusted font blocking security feature built-into Windows 10.


How to Reset Windows Font Settings and Restore Default Fonts

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

This is kind of a neat trick, but I’d avoid it if you’re a graphic designer who needs all of those extra fonts for layout and desktop publishing functions …

Microsoft has improved the boot time of Windows 8 significantly in comparison to previous versions of the operating system. While that is great, it does not mean that the startup time won’t increase. If you install autostart programs for instance, or too many fonts, then you may notice that system start will slow down regardless of the improvements that Microsoft made.


Change Font Sizes and Styles on Any Website with Font Changer for Chrome

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

This seems like a very useful idea … Even if you’ve got perfect eyesight, you still run across sites that are almost impossible to read.

Since webmasters have free reign when it comes to specifying font sizes and styles on their websites, you sometimes may stumble upon sites where the font is too small or too large, not really readable because of its style, or because of its color and the page’s background color.


How to Install Fonts Temporarily on Windows

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Here’s a helpful trick for those who use their PC for design/layout work …

I have to admit that I stopped worrying about fonts a long time ago. Back then I was experimenting with image editors and creating logos for websites and the basic fonts the system shipped with often did not cut it back then. I installed my fair share of font collections and font over the years but stopped doing so after it became clear that each installed font would add to the system’s loading time. Not good if you are a speed freak.


Firefox 17.0.1 to Fix Blurry Font Issue in the Browser

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Has Firefox looked kind of blurry to you lately? Don’t worry, it’s not your eyes, and a fix is on the way …

Some users of the Firefox web browser have reported issues with blurry fonts after updating it to the latest release version Firefox 17.0. The issue seems to only affect users running the Windows operating system that have installed or upgraded to Firefox 17.0. Mozilla filed a bug report shortly after the release of the new Firefox version which in the meantime has been marked as fixed so that upcoming versions of the web browser won’t cause the font blurriness for users affected by it.


Blurry Fonts in Firefox? Try Anti-Aliasing Tuner

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Wow. There sure is a lot of talk about Firefox lately; obviously due to the version 4 release. Here’s a tip on how to deal with blurry fonts when running Firefox on a Windows machine …

Several Firefox 4 users, especially those on Windows, have noticed that some, and sometimes even all, fonts are blurry in the browser. Many users have identified the built-in hardware acceleration as the main culprit for blurry fonts, and noticed that the fonts render fine again if hardware acceleration is disabled.