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M2Z Free National Wireless Broadband Plan Finally Dies – CTIA Pleased You Won’t be Getting “Slow” Free 768 Kbps Service

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

In retrospect, this did sound too good to actually come true …

You might recall that former FCC boss Kevin Martin and a company by the name of M2Z Networks had been cooking up a plan for a smut-censored free national wireless service with a free wireless component. We had predicted the plan would never actually leave the ground and that wound up being true, the project derailed by both politics and the fact that the plan itself while creative — simply wasn’t very good. After returning from the dead and being bounced around the halls of the FCC in slightly modified form, the FCC has finally dropped the effort completely. M2Z sent Broadband Reports an e-mailed statement lamenting the decision: