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Beware, Your Android Phone Might come with Preloaded Spyware

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

I have a hard time understanding why companies that rely on profits from e-commerce would do stupid stuff like this that essentially erodes public confidence in e-commerce.

Computer users know for quite some time that buying new PCs does not necessarily mean that the computer is clean, lean and ready for use immediately. Most computer manufacturers push so called “crapware” on PCs, trial software for instance, to increase their bottom line while only a few don’t or want you to pay extra for cleaning the crapware that they have put on it.


The 2010 Anti-Virus league tables are out!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Kind of surprising that McCafee and Adaware didn’t make the list …

AV Test have now released the results of their 2010 best anti-virus for Windows 7.  The tests put each anti-virus package through a rigorous set of tests to determine not only how good they are at detecting and removing malware and viruses, but also how usable the software is…