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Google Drive – End of Support for Windows XP and Vista

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

It’s not really that surprising that Google Drive has opted to end support for these operating systems, but it is a bit surprising that both programs will still work with Google Drive, regardless of the end of support.

Google announced yesterday that its Google Drive software won’t support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 anymore starting January 1, 2017. Google Drive is the company’s official desktop program that enables Google users to manage and sync files between their devices and the Google cloud.


Why I won’t Use Google’s New Note Taking Service Keep

Monday, March 18th, 2013

It sounds like there are more than a few people out there who are pretty unhappy about the death of Google Notebook … fortunately for me, plain old paper notebooks still work just fine.

Indicators of a new note taking service by Google came to light after Carlos Jeurissen did some heavy code snooping on various Google properties. From the looks of it, Google Keep will be a note taking add-on integrated into Google Drive. It has not been officially announced yet, but first screenshots appeared on Android Police that show how this service may look like.


Host Plain HTML Webpages on Google Drive

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Wow! Good old-fashioned, plain HTML … how nostalgic.

You probably know that you can host basic HTML websites on Dropbox using third party services like site44. Google recently announced that it has added similar capabilities to its cloud storage service Google Drive. The core difference between the implementations is that you do not need a third party tool to host a plain HTML website on Google Drive, while you do if you want to host your website on Dropbox.

(more…) Cookie Hijacking Issue

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Whoops, it looks like somebody has uncovered another potential security problem for and users …

Users of or, Microsoft’s two email services, should take note now. Information are stored in cookies when you use the site including whether you have successfully authorized your account or not. If the information is available, you can open and close both services without having to log in again to one of them. That’s great as it is comfortable, but also problematic as it means that someone else can copy that cookie from your system to access your email account online without re-authorization.


Cloud Drive Price Comparison: Amazon, Apple, Google, Box, Dropbox, Skydrive and SugarSync

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Here’s a nice side-by-side price comparison of some of the most popular cloud drive services …

Price can be an important factor when selecting the right cloud hosting service. With that many services in the field, it is important to compare prices, as much as it is important to look at the feature sets individual services offer. Like pricing, features differ a lot between services.


Google Drive Supposedly Launching in the Coming Weeks

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Although the convenience of an online storage solution is kind of tempting, you could buy a pretty decent external hard drive for about the same price as a one year subscription to Google’s 400 GB storage option.

Rumors of Google Drive, or GDrive as it was named in the beginning, started to emerge at around the same time that the popular file synchronization and hosting service Dropbox opened its doors to the public (that was 2007). All went quiet shortly thereafter and it appeared as if the project had been canceled by Google.