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Can a Redesign Help MapQuest Find Its Way?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

I haven’t checked lately: are MapQuest’s driving directions any less horrible than Google’s?

MapQuest, a unit of AOL, has rolled out a redesign that introduces a suite of new features — including local integration through AOL’s Patch news and directory service — in an attempt to regain some of the momentum it’s lost over the past several years. Before Google became the globe-spanning juggernaut it is today, MapQuest was the gold standard for online maps: It was the first to provide easy online mapping functions, was one of the first to allow its maps to be embedded in pages and services, and so on. But somewhere along the way it stopped innovating, and last year, Google took the lead in the market. Will the latest version help MapQuest regain some of its lost luster?


The live Underground train map

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I’ve never even been to London, and this still sounds interesting to me …

A single weekend plus Transport for London’s API was enough to produce a live, self-updating map of where Underground trains are. What else is possible? (Updated)

If you haven’t already spotted it from yesterday’s Newsbucket, you can now see a fascinating animated Google Map (requires Javascript) showing where London Underground trains are – live. Built by Matthew Somerville of MySociety at Science Hack Day over the weekend, it uses the new Transport for London API (via the London Datastore) – combining the train predictions service plus “a bit of maths and magic.. As Somerville says on the page, “It’s surprisingly okay given this was done in only a few hours at Science Hackday and the many naming/location issues encountered, some unresolved. A small number of stations are misplaced or missing; occasional trains behave oddly due to duplicate IDs; some H&C stations are missing in the TfL feed…”


Google sued over ‘unsafe’ map directions

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The lawsuit sounds pretty silly … but I can definitely sympathize with anybody who’s gotten lost while trying to follow Google map directions.

A pedestrian is suing Google for supplying unsafe directions in its Maps tool after she was hit by a car on a Park City road. Even with the acknowledgement that most American cities are built for cars, rather than people, isn’t that a lawsuit too far?

Lauren Rosenberg is seeking $100,000 in damages after the accident in January when she tried to cross a busy state highway with no pavements at night and was hit by a car. A lawsuit filed in a Utah District Court last week accused Google of being “careless, reckless, and negligent” in supplying unsafe walking directions.