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Google doesn’t Give Up – YouTube the Next Social Network?

Monday, August 29th, 2016

In many ways, YouTube has always been a social network. The tricky part is that most folks who use the site do so in order to watch videos, rather than socialize.

Google tried to establish a social networking site several times in the past to complete with the almighty Facebook. But even the company’s latest endeavor in the social space, Google Plus, did not work out as planned. If you consider that Google went all in that time, forcefully integrating Google Plus in many of the company services, and pushing it on its prime properties such as Google Search, it is not far-off  to call Google Plus a failure.


Taking Google+ Profile Banners to the Next Level – Animated Banners

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I thought animated GIFs were kind of yesterday’s news … but this is still kind of a cool trick.

A few days ago I published a small tutorial on creating banners for the Google+ profile page. The core idea was to add a professional looking banner to the profile page which served two purposes. It first made the page look more professional. Instead of having no images or unrelated images displayed in the five banner spots, users could add a company logo or photo instead.


Google Plus for Everyone – No Longer Invite Only

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I was kind of reluctant to join Google+ when it was invite only; I was kind of worried that the initial users would be used as “guinea pigs.” Now that the flood gates are open though, I guess I’ll get in line …

It took Google some time to open their social network service Google Plus to the public. Up until now it was only possible to join the service after receiving an invite, or by accessing the site when Google removed the invite-limitation temporarily.