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On May 1, Extensions Not Hosted in Store will be Disabled for Windows Chrome Users

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

If you’re a Chrome user and you’ve installed third party extensions, get ready to see them disappear … unless you update to Chrome Dev or Canary.

Google Chrome has powerful extension support that is second only to Firefox’s in the browsing world. Up until now, Chrome users were allowed to install extensions from the official Chrome Web Store, and also from third-party sources. A third-party source in this regard is any website that is not the Chrome Web Store. This includes userscripts on, or the popular Media Hint extension that enables you to bypass country restrictions on select media sites on the Internet.


Google Improves Security of External Extension Installations Further in Chrome

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Third party extensions can be helpful sometimes, but they can also be a source of tremendous grief. It sounds like Google is taking the right steps to make sure third party extensions can’t serve as a conduit for malware.

Some call extensions the bread and butter of a browser. While I’d say that other factors play a role here as well, it is undeniable that extensions can improve the usability of a browser and browsing the Internet significantly. The popularity of extensions on the other hand has brought with it abuse of said system, usually for monetization or tracking purposes.