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Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter vs. Chromecast

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Microsoft’s wireless solution sounds pretty good … except for the part about needing Windows 8.1 in order to use it with a PC.

Google’s Chromecast device has been around for some time now. It enables you to stream contents from a computer or supported mobile device using apps to a compatible screen. The price point is very tempting and setup is not difficult at all as well.


The Limitations of Google’s Chromecast Device

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Chromecast provides a simple, basic way to play videos from the internet on your TV set (providing that your TV includes an HDMI port.)

I have to admit that I was curious when I first heard about Chromecast and how some people used the device to play Internet or local videos stored on the computer on a television. While I do not watch a lot of TV, I do watch the occasional YouTube video or TV show on the PC. That’s fine most of the time but there are situations where I which I could stream videos from my PC or the Internet directly to the television instead.