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HTC Hub – The Phantom Data Leaker Identified?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Boy, that was quick …

I’ve been conducting my own investigation and tests into the “rogue app” which is leaking data on Windows Phones.  I want to stress at this point that my evidence was not collected in a scientific way and I’ve been wrong before.  While I’m pointing the finger in a particular direction I still could be wrong, it could have been a blip.  I think though you’ll agree with me that they evidence is quite strong.


Google Launches the Nexus S Phone – But is it Wise or Necessary?

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Just what the world needs … yet another smart phone.

Google has launched their new own-branded Smartphone, the Samsung-made Nexus S, to lots, some, a bit of fanfare around the world.  The handset runs the latest version of their Android operating system and includes some interesting new features including Near Field Communications (NFC) that can allow people to make electronic payments by swiping their phone near a reader.  This is a technology that’s already being used in places such as Japan for travel tickets and small purchases.