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Smaller Windows Updates Thanks to Differential Packages

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

This probably explains why recent Windows updates seem to download and install a lot faster than they did a year or two ago.

Microsoft began to roll out its new Unified Update Platform last year, first on mobile and then for Windows 10 Insider Builds as well. One of the advantages of the platform was the use of differential update packages. This meant, all in all, that update packages would be a lot smaller going forward. While updates are released regularly for retail versions of Windows 10, the advantages of differential update packages become visible the most when feature updates are released.


BitLocker Bypass on Windows 10 Through Upgrades

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

This is potentially a major security issue for BitLocker protected devices that run Windows 10 … and so far, there’s no fix yet.

A security researcher discovered a new issue in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system that allows attackers to gain access to BitLocker encrypted data. A post on the Win-Fu blog highlights the method. Basically, what the method does is exploit a troubleshooting feature that is enabled during the upgrade process.


How to Turn Off Windows 10 Start Menu Ads

Monday, October 5th, 2015

So far, these “suggestions” are just a trial feature, but given the general ad-delivery direction in which many software companies seem to be headed, I wouldn’t be surprised if ads continue to plague start menus and other user interfaces from here on out.

If you are using the default start menu of Windows 10 you may have noticed that ads may be displayed in it from time to time. The ads are displayed in the same location that recently added apps are shown in (if there are any) and highlight Windows Store apps for now. Microsoft calls them suggestions but that seems to be just a friendly word for advertisement these days.