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How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Firefox

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

I’ve never needed to do this myself, but it does sound like a useful trick.

The following guide walks you through the steps of installing Google Chrome extensions in Firefox. Mozilla is currently working on implementing WebExtensions support in the Firefox web browser which will make the browser compatible with many of the extensions offered for Google Chrome and Chrome compatible browsers.


Software Annoyances that Need to Go Away

Friday, March 11th, 2016

I think the author of this article would probably find that a majority of users would agree with him, but since most of the annoyances listed are used by software companies as a means to generate additional income, I don’t think many of these annoyances will be going away in the near future.

I install hundreds of programs each year and while most of those installations work just fine and without issues, some come with annoyances that most users would probably like to live without. While many of the following annoyances are found in installers, some of them are experienced while the program is running, upgraded or removed from the operating system. The majority of annoyances perform operations without giving the user a choice in the matter, or hide the choice so that most users won’t prevent its execution.


How to Install the Media Center Pack in Windows 8.1

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Here’s another one of those things that turns out to be a lot more complicated than it seems like it should be …

Windows 8.1, just like Windows 8, ships with Windows Media Player by default. The program has been crippled by Microsoft as it does not play DVD movies anymore. You may remember that it did play them on Windows 7. So, if you want DVD playback on Windows 8.x, you need Windows Media Center or a third party alternative.


How to Install Windows 8.1 RTM on a Windows 8.1 Preview System

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Here’s a useful trick for those upgrading from Windows 8.1 Preview to 8.1 RTM …

Back when Microsoft announced the public release of the Windows 8.1 Preview operating system, a beta test version of the upcoming update for its Windows 8 system, the company made it clear that users who installed the preview as an update on a Windows 8 system would not be able to update the system from the preview to the final RTM version.


Why You Should Always Install Windows on Disk Zero

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

This article contains a few good Windows installation tips, and an interesting explanation as to why Windows works the way it does.

Windows has always had what many people believe to be an unconventional and frustrating method of addressing physical hard disks.  I’m talking here about drive letters.  These virtual constructs, I can only really describe them as that, are pointers to the actual names of the disks in your computer.  This works in a different way to Unix systems where the OS and the user both refer to the actual disk address.