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Bypass Internet Censorship and Restrictions with Ultrasurf

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

This sounds like a cool idea … but it also sounds like a good way to get oneself into a heck of a lot of trouble while traveling in certain foreign countries.

If you ever have been to a country where Internet is heavily censored, you might have noticed that you cannot load some of the websites that you use to go to. Your only option in this case is to use a proxy or virtual private network to connect to the site.


China’s Great Firewall ‘Not Secure Enough’

Friday, February 18th, 2011

China’s other Great Wall didn’t exactly work out so well either …

Father of internet censorship system says people are using virtual private networks to look at banned websites

The architect of the Great Firewall – the censorship system blocking huge portions of the web for China’s 450 million internet users – says further tightening is needed to halt attempts to overcome its controls.


Dozens of blogs shut in China

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Let’s hope that this kind of internet censorship never comes to the USA …

Chinese micro-blogging sites appear to have become the latest target of Beijing’s internet police

Dozens of blogs by some of China’s most outspoken users have been abruptly shut down in an apparent crackdown.

The move comes amid unexplained changes to popular Twitter-like websites that have users worried the government is trying to restrict them, too. One microblog site is down for maintenance, and the other three now show a “beta” tag as if they are in testing, though they have been operating for months.