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Turn the Internet Connection On or Off

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I usually just unplug my router when I want to temporarily turn the internet off … but this sounds handy too.

Sometimes you may want to turn off your Internet connection in an instant, for instance if you have noticed that malware is running on a system to avoid it leaking information or data. A switch to turn off the Internet can be useful in other situations as well, like during software installations to block applications from phoning home, or cutting off all network traffic to have those resources available for other more important tasks on the system. Lastly, you could also use it to avoid distractions during work by turning of the connection.


Display Your Internet Connection Speed In Your Taskbar

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

If you’re already unhappy with your internet speed, then here are some programs that will help to make you even more unhappy …

Sometimes you may want to display information about your Internet connection right on the desktop, for instance to test the speed of a new dedicated server that you just bought, or to make sure that you are uploading or downloading at full speed. Having direct access to realtime stats can also be helpful if you are troubleshooting a particular connection.


Repair Internet Connection Issues with Connectivity Fixer

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

If configuration issues or program conflicts are slowing down your connectivity, this program might be able to help …

As a work from home guy I rely on my Internet connection. If it goes down, I’m cut off from work which could be disastrous, depending on the downtime. I have a backup connection just to make sure that I can always connect, and if everything goes down at once I have yet another backup plan to either work from my parents house or from an Internet cafe.


Test Your IPv6 Connectivity

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Are you ready for IPv6? If you’re not sure, here’s how to find out if you are …

You may have seen an increasing number of articles about IPv6 in the past year. IPv6 is an Internet Protocol that has been designed as the successor of the currently used IPv4 protocol. IPv4 has been in use since the 80s and it is quickly coming to its limits. The main problem with it is that IPv4 runs out of available IP address space as its limit is around 4 billion IP addresses which servers, ISPs, Internet users, devices and websites have to share.


NetLaunch – Start and Stop Programs if Internet Connection Drops or Becomes Available

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I haven’t tried this one myself, but it sounds like it would come in handy when accessing internet based features from a mobile computer …

If you are on the move regularly with your laptop or netbook you may experience times where an Internet connection is available, and times where it is not. These network status changes are bad enough especially if you are working on a project that requires Internet connection. But there are also applications that you want to run when an Internet connection is available, and applications that you do not want to run when none is available, or vice verse.


Dial Up Internet Connection Keeper

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This looks like it could be a useful tool for those who rely on dial-up, out-of-band connections.

Dial up Internet users have to cope with several Internet connection related problems that their broadband brethren do not have to deal with at all. A major problem for instance is that the connection will be dropped after a specific amount of inactivity. Inactivity in this case means that no data is send or requested in that time. This happens for instance if the user opens an article on a website and begins reading it. In that time, no data is transferred to the ISP. The user may notice the dropped connection on the next click on a link, or request of a web page.