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Is Apple about to kill MP3?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

This isn’t exactly “news;” Apple has been trying to kill off the MP3 format for years.

It’s long been rumored that Apple will launch a streaming music service to rival (erm… their rival) Spotify.  Now the company is talking up “an exciting announcement from iTunes” tomorrow with the headline “Tomorrow is just another day, that you’ll never forget”.


Apple’s Ping Succumbs to the Spammers

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

As social networking continues to rise in popularity, it’s more-or-less inevitable that advertisers and spammers will see social media sites as prime hunting grounds.

New social network built inside iTunes fails to keep out the spammers, showing a curse of social media – even inside proprietorial walls

Apple chief Steve Jobs’s trumpeting of the 160 million credit card holders on iTunes was a siren call to spammers. As if they needed any invitation.


iTunes hasn’t been hacked, though your PayPal might have been phished

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Here’s a new scam to watch out for …

People who have seen thousands of dollars taken from their PayPal accounts apparently via the iTunes Store should look closer to home for evidence of hacking

Phishers have figured out a new way to transfer themselves loads of money and make it look legit: make it look like the charges are coming from the iTunes Store.


My iTunes Account Was Hacked for 375 Dollars – By My Own Kids

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

This sounds like more of a parenting problem, instead of a problem with the way that the iTunes account was set up …

UPDATED: As this past weekend included the Fourth of July holiday, I expected to see plenty of red, white and blue. Unfortunately, all I experienced was red when, on Saturday, I noticed three unfamiliar iTunes transactions totaling more than $375. Nobody in the house claimed responsibility for such sizable purchases, so I assumed the worst — amid recent web reports of wrong-doing, my iTunes account had been hacked.


Apple facing antitrust probe over online music dealings

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Sounds like the payola scandal, updated for the digital era …

The US Department of Justice has reportedly launched an antitrust inquiry into Apple and its music sales tactics, according to unnamed insiders speaking to the New York Times. Investigators have reportedly begun questioning members of the music industry about Apple in an attempt to determine whether the company is abusing its dominant market position. The probe is said to be in its early stages.


iHobo: No 1 on the street

Monday, May 24th, 2010

O.K. … but I’m not exactly sure why anybody would need a tamagochi-hobo.

The iPhone app featuring your own homeless person shot to the top of the iTunes download chart – but it is far from a sick joke

It sounds like a sick joke but in just one week iHobo – an iPhone application that allows you to interact with your very own homeless person – shot to the top of the iTunes download chart. At the end of last week, 210,000 iHobos had been downloaded. But the thinking behind it, the app’s creators claim, is as serious as it is provocative.

“The challenge was how to grab attention without falling back on the traditional route of creating a high-impact, attention-grabbing TV or poster ad,” explains Tom Ewart, an executive creative director at the ad agency Publicis, which came up with the idea for Depaul UK, a youth homelessness charity. “People have grown bored of the shock tactics marketers in the charities sector have come to rely on.”