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KeyMouse, a Keyboard-Mouse Hybrid for Both Hands Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Remember those weird, curvy, ergonomic keyboards that were so popular in the 2000’s? There’s a pretty good reason why you hardly ever see them anymore: a regular mouse and keyboard work just fine.

If you think about how computer systems are controlled, mouse and keyboard probably come to mind first before touch and voice commands. It is rather interesting that little progress has been made in improving mouse or keyboard usage. While some progress has been made, for instance by using lasers, not much has changed in terms of how the peripherals are designed.


Is it Time to Offer an Alternative to QWERTY?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Sounds like a great idea for those who are used to unconventional keyboards and those who want to be forced to learn how to type all over again … but a bad idea for just about everyone else.

The QWERTY keyboard layout has been used in most western countries now since the late 1800′s.  Though there are differences in some countries, such as AZERTY in France, this keyboard layout remains with modern computers even though it’s not always the quickest way for people to type.


How to Disable the Caps Lock Key Permanently

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Here’s an interesting trick that I wasn’t aware of before; if people always accuse you of yelling on forums, then this might come in handy …

When I was working in IT I sometimes dealt with support requests that involved the caps lock key. Users were complaining that they could not enter their password, or that they locked their account even though they were sure that they had entered the right password, or that their username was displayed in upper case letters.


Keyboard Indicator – Display LED Key States on the Desktop

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I guess that this would be useful in some situations …

It is frustrating to be forced to re-enter a password on the Internet or local PC after hitting the caps lock key on the keyboard accidentally. Computer users with LEDs on their keyboards can see if the caps lock key is active or not and react properly. Users with keyboards that do not have indicators for key states have to find out another way.