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Security Paper Suggests to Remove McAfee from PCs, Finds Issues in OEM Devices

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Apparently, a study has found that many new Windows 10 laptops have security and privacy issues that are related to McAfee.

A recent security analysis of OEM laptops running Windows 10 by Duo Security Inc concluded that all analyzed devices had privacy and network protocol related issues. The seven laptops, produced by Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer, shared many of the privacy and security issues, while some laptops had additional issues caused by installed OEM software.


Microsoft, LastPass and Others Post Solutions to Handle Superfish

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

You probably don’t have to worry about this unless you own a Lenovo PC, but it still makes an interesting story anyway …

An adware called Superfish is making big waves currently on the Internet after news spread that PC manufacturer Lenovo shipped some — it is still not clear which devices are affected — consumer PC models with the software preinstalled. The core purpose of Superfish is to display advertisement to users based on what they are looking at in web browsers. It injects advertisement on web pages that users visit in browsers.


Lenovo PCs Ship with Preinstalled Adware and Root Certificate

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

When shopping for a new PC, I generally don’t consider “pre-infected with adware” to be a desirable feature …

We all know that computer manufacturers make much of their revenue from device sales with software and service deals. They integrate trial programs on user systems and may also cooperate with search engines to make a particular search engine the default on a system and with other companies to place shortcuts to their sites on the desktop.


Lenovo Shipping Windows 8 PCs with Pokki’s Software Suite: Good or Bad Idea?

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Given the unpopularity of Windows 8, this seems like it might be a good idea … as long as customers are given the option to buy a straight Windows 8 PC if that’s what they want.

Windows 8 is probably not the “big hit” that Microsoft hoped the operating system would be. There is no single factor why that is the case: a declining PC market, the strong and popular Windows 7 operating system, and interface modifications all seem to play a part in this regard.


Dell Drops to Third-Place Worldwide PC Maker

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Based on personal experience, I’d say that Dell’s drop in popularity is in a large part due to a quality issue that they’ve had over the last several years …

Figures released for the last quarter by IDC and Gartner show that, despite rumblings at HP that included rumours about dropping their entire PC division, the truly unprecedented Touchpad fire sale and the unceremonious dumping of their CEO, the PC maker still maintains the top spot and has indeed grown their lead in the last quarter by more than 5%.