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A Linux Powered Console Server with SNMP Compatibility

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A Linux powered console server can be an extremely useful tool for accessing command functions on remote console ports, monitoring conditions at off-site data centers and alerting tech support personnel when temperature, device response and other factors at remote network equipment installations indicate a possible problem. But what if you need a Linux powered console server that can be controlled and configured by commands issued by other programs or equipment?


Managing Multiple Terminal Switch Units via SNMP

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

When deploying a terminal switch product at a remote network equipment site, it usually pays to take an informed look at exactly what types of terminal switch features will prove useful for your specific application. Obviously, a terminal switch should provide out of band access capabilities for the other devices in the remote equipment rack, but there are also many other terminal switch features that can also come in very handy, depending on the nature of the type of network environment that you’re dealing with. If your network application involves communication with a number of different terminal switch units, spread across multiple remote equipment sites, then SNMP communication and MIB support can often be extremely helpful.


Why is SNMP Support Such an Important Terminal Switch Feature?

Monday, February 14th, 2011

WTI Terminal Switch products support SNMP communication and full MIB capability. This provides network administrators with a convenient means to use SNMP based commands to change terminal switch configuration parameters, manage user accounts, retrieve buffered data from buffered terminal switch serial ports and receive alarm notification via SNMP when specific, user-defined events and environmental conditions are detected. All of these functions are especially useful for administrators who need a centralized management capabilities for multiple terminal server units located at remote network equipment sites.


A Console Terminal Server with SNMP Support Capabilities Can Simplify Out of Band Management

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

A console terminal server with SNMP compatibility can provide network administrators with a number of extremely valuable tools that simplify the process of managing important network elements located at remote, off-site network equipment sites. SNMP compatibility enables administrators to use MIB objects to change configuration parameters, check unit status and add or remove user accounts, and in addition, also provides the ability to forward data collected from attached devices to the appropriate network support personnel.


What Can SNMP MIB Support Do for Your Data Center?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

SNMP MIB support provides a crucial element for console switch applications. MIB support enables the console switch to address and interpret commands issued by 3rd party software such as OpenView or Solaris, essentially allowing the console switch to accept commands and poll information via the 3rd party software.


How Can SNMP MIB Compatibility Simplify Console Server Applications?

Monday, July 19th, 2010

SNMP MIB support is a crucial element for a wide variety console server applications. SNMP MIB compatibility enables the console server or serial switch to address and interpret commands given by third party software such as Openview or Solaris, allowing the software to accept commands and poll information from the console server.

In order for SNMP compatibility to provide a wide range of control functions, it is essential that the MIB library is built in to the console server, allowing for easier compatibility and interface between the two platforms. These pre-defined libraries of MIB commands provide improved communication capabilities with third party software, ensuring that commands are correctly interpreted and executed.


How does MIB Support Help a Serial Console Server?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

SNMP MIB support is a crucial element for console server applications. MIB support enables the console server to address and interpret commands given by third party software such as Openview or Solaris. This allows the unit to receive and understand commands issued by third party software. Ideally, a serial console server should also include a predefined MIB library in order to provide greater compatibility with enterprise management solutions, and provide easy access to configuration functions, status displays and operating features.