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Serial Console Server – Reliable Command Access for Mission Critical Network Devices

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Generally, when we think of a console server, we usually think of a data center application that involves IT support personnel who need access to command functions on remote network equipment. For the most part, that stereotype rings true, but there are also plenty of other, more unusual applications that rely on the secure, remote command access that a console server can provide.


A/B Fallback Switching – Automatic A/B Switching for Mission Critical Applications

Friday, October 15th, 2010

With the growth of internet based commerce, it has becoming increasing important for web based businesses to make certain that their web sites are always online and available to potential customers. This provides convenience for customers and users, but it also poses a challenge to network administrators; in order to keep web sites up and running, it’s imperative that network hosts provide some degree of redundancy, in order to deal with the inevitable equipment and communication failures that arise from time to time.

One way to provide redundancy capabilities to web hosts and other mission critical network applications, is to include an A/B fallback switch (such as WTI’s AFS-16) in network and hosting configurations. Ideally, the A/B Fallback Switch should be able to automatically switch from a primary communication line to a secondary communication line, quickly and reliably, whenever a network device goes down or communication fails.