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Reboot Unresponsive Network Elements in Remote Traffic Signal Equipment Enclosures

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Small problems with networked devices in traffic signal control enclosures can quickly escalate into huge traffic problems. When a sensor or signal timing device in a street corner traffic signal control enclosure crashes or becomes unresponsive and causes a traffic signal to malfunction the result is often a massive traffic tie up that quickly spreads in all directions. In cases like this, an immediate solution to the problem is mandatory; there isn’t time to wait for a service team to arrive on site. Fortunately, a network power switch can provide a means to deal with equipment problems in remote traffic signal enclosures immediately.


A Remote Power Management Solution for Transportation Applications

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

When remote network elements in transportation applications crash or malfunction, the results are often traffic tie ups, unsafe driving conditions and loss of toll booth revenue. Even a brief interruption in the normal operation of a traffic signal, toll booth license plate reader or intelligent traffic system can quickly result in backed-up traffic, uncollected tolls and temporary loss of traffic monitoring capabilities. In cases like this, system administrators need a way to quickly correct network problems in roadside equipment enclosures and toll booths before conditions worsen to the point of all-out gridlock. Fortunately, WTI’s NPS-3F15 series Network Power Switches can provide a secure, reliable means to reboot network devices in transportation applications without the delays and expenses of a physical service call.


Remote Reboot Capabilities for Network Devices in Toll Booth Applications

Friday, September 20th, 2013

When a networked device in a Toll Booth or Toll Kiosk application locks up or crashes, the results are often traffic tie-ups and lost revenue. If devices such as license plate capture cameras, card scanners and toll collection systems cease to function, cars are left waiting and tolls cannot be collected until the problem is resolved. In cases like this, an immediate fix for the problem is vital; there’s no time to wait for a service team to arrive on site. Fortunately, WTI’s NPS-3F15 Network Power Switches provide remote network administrators with a quick, reliable means to reboot networked devices located in distant toll booths and kiosks.


A Network Power Switch with Monitoring and Alarm Capabilities

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Not too many years ago, it was rare to find a network power switch in a remote network equipment cabinet. Prior to the popularity of out of band management, many network administrators relied on an expensive service call whenever a network element at a remote site needed to be rebooted. But as the concept of out of band management has become more widely accepted, we’re now at a point where it’s pretty rare to find a remote network equipment cabinet that doesn’t include a network power switch.


Security and Authentication Considerations for Network Power Switch Products

Friday, November 4th, 2011

A network power switch can provide network administrators and tech support personnel with an incredibly convenient tool for controlling power and reboot functions at off-site data centers and remote network equipment cabinets. In many cases, the remote reboot and power control functions provided by a network power switch can allow you to deal with power related problems with remote network elements without the expense and lost time of traveling to the network equipment site in person.


Using a Network Power Switch to Keep Tabs on Remote Network Equipment

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Remote network equipment sites always present a unique set of challenges for the network administrator. Due to the distant location of off-site data centers and remote equipment racks, they are obviously more difficult to access than a local equipment rack. This means that not only is it more difficult to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting functions at a remote equipment site, it’s also more difficult to keep track of potentially harmful conditions and events at the remote site.


The Network Power Switch – A Simple Solution for Remote Network Management

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Network administrators who are responsible for managing network elements located at remote data centers or offsite network equipment cabinets have a much tougher job than administrators who are responsible for managing network equipment located at the central office. For one thing, many routine tasks that are incredibly easy to accomplish in the central office can present a much larger challenge when those tasks must be applied to network equipment located in remote network equipment racks. When network elements are located offsite, even simple chores, such as rebooting a crashed server or router, can often require a time consuming, expensive service call to the remote site, instead of just a walk down the hall to flip a power switch Off and back On again.


A Network Power Switch Can Save Your IT Budget and Cut Response Time

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

In these days of tightening IT budgets and increased service costs, the last thing that a network administrator needs is to waste valuable resources on expensive service calls to remote equipment sites. Sure, it’s still an emergency when a server or router at a remote site suddenly hangs and brings network communication to a halt, but isn’t there a simpler, less expensive way to deal with problems at off-site equipment racks besides sending a tech team off on a road trip just to reboot an unresponsive network element?


A Network Power Switch Simplifies Power Management at Remote Network Equipment Racks

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

In remote network equipment management applications, a network power switch can quickly prove itself to be an extremely valuable tool. In addition to providing network administrators with a simple, secure means to reboot malfunctioning network devices at remote equipment racks and off-site data centers, a network power switch also enables network administrators to cut power costs by switching off nonessential network devices during periods of the day/week when those devices are less likely to be needed.