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Google Bans Belgian Newspapers

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

This seems like sort of an odd move, PR-wise; after losing the court case against the Belgium press, it sort of makes Google look like sore losers …

Belgian newspapers have sued Google because of the company’s incorporation of news articles and images in Google News. The newspapers claim that the search giant has no rights to post contents and links on their Google News service without payment or permission. A Belgian court decided that the newspapers were right. That meant for Google that the company would have to pay fines if contents would still appear on Google.


Richard Branson Launches Project as ‘First Truly Digital’ Magazine for iPad

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Someday, someone will figure out how to make the digital magazine format workable and profitable … I kind of think that day is still years away though.

Virgin tycoon will be up against Rupert Murdoch’s Daily

“This is not a battle! This is not a war!” Richard Branson declared, guns blazing, at the launch in New York today of his new digital venture – a monthly interactive magazine custom-designed for the iPad.


Newspapers Need to Take a Cue From Startups and Get Cloudy

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Cloud computing could probably help newspapers survive in the digital age … but it would also help if newspapers would rely more on their own reporters and research, and less on the wire services. What’s the point in buying a paper newspaper, when you can read the same wire service news stories for free, on line?

Everyone knows that newspapers are in a tough spot, with most dealing with flat or declining circulation, and advertising revenue looking fairly dismal. Short of closing down the print operation and going online only, as some papers have done (and some investment experts have advised), is there anything that existing publishers can do to make their lives a little easier, and more importantly make their bottom lines a little better? A recent presentation by Toby Wright, chief technology officer at the Telegraph Media Group — one of the world’s oldest newspapers — suggests that they can take a tip from startups when it comes to being more efficient: namely, use cloud-computing services.