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ScriptBlock for Chrome Blocks Scripts from Running Automatically on Websites

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Chrome might have a bigger user base, but in many ways they’re still playing catch-up with Firefox when it comes to security and privacy …

One of the core reasons that I’m using Firefox as my main web browser is the NoScript extension for it. It blocks all scripts from running automatically on websites, ships with options to enable scripts temporarily or permanently, and offers a wide area of additional security features that protect the browser well from many threats on today’s Internet.


How to Make Firefox the Fort Knox of Browsers

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Several of these tips are almost too obvious, but the article still provides a nice summary of the steps required to make Firefox more secure.

Whenever you hop on to the Internet you are facing dangers. While it is relatively safe on popular sites such as Facebook or Google, it is possible that you are deceived even there. On Facebook, it may be a link that someone posted and that you are dying to follow (Justin Bieber did this, the Pope is dead), and on Google, you may for instance be deceived by advertisement. Once you wander off those well lighted paths on the Internet, things can turn bad pretty quickly.


Mozilla Adds All Recent Java Versions to Blocklist

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Everybody’s talking about Java lately … and most of what they’re saying isn’t exactly good.

Java received some bad press in recent months due security vulnerabilities that were discovered by security researchers more or less on a constant basis. What this basically means is that Java use on the web was not really safe in that period, and that upgrading Java regularly only resolved some of the issues but not all that were discovered in that time period.


Kill Evil for Chrome Takes Care of JavaScript Annoyances on the Internet

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Here’s a cool add-on for Google Chrome … I wonder how long it will take the JavaScript gurus to find a way around this one?

JavaScript on websites can be used for quite the annoyances. From blocking access to the right-click context menu to tampering with the browser window’s resize feature, or send every single click you make on that website to a tracking server.


Google Privacy Blocks Websites from Tracking You

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

This seems like a step in the right direction … Although it is a little bit weird that it has Google’s name on it, yet isn’t actually a Google product.

Privacy has moved into the public focus in recent years. Initiatives like Mozilla’s Do Not Track Header try to improve user privacy on the Internet. Google Privacy is a Firefox add-on that tries to enforce do not track on popular websites. The name may suggest that the add-on has been created by Google but that is not the case. It is likely that it concentrated on Google in the beginning, and that support for other websites have been added later on in development.


ScriptNo – Another NoScript Extension for Chrome

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Here’s a more up-to-date alternative to NoScript for security-conscious Chrome users …

One of the two issues that I identified in yesterday’s review of Opera’s NotScripts extension was that it has not been updated for a long period of time. A script by the same name for Google Chrome, NotScript for Chrome, has also not been updated for almost a year now. Ghacks reader Vineeth just sent me a link to ScriptNo, a NoScript alternative for Chrome users.


Opera NoAds Extension

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Ads take up bandwidth; so therefore, the more ads that one blocks, the faster that pages download.

I don’t like ad blockers as I make my living from those ads. The more users install ad blockers, the less money I make. It is that simple. My hope is that regular visitors of my sites turn off their ad blockers or NoScript add-ons when they visit my sites. But enough about that.

I do however understand the need for ways to protect the browser and computer from script based attacks, and there is nothing better for that than the Firefox NoScript extension or an equivalent for other browsers. The NoAds extension for the Opera 11 browser combines both ad blocking with NoScript functionality.