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OpenOffice – LibreOffice 3.3 Final Released

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Here’s a cool set of document editing tools for Linux users …

Oracle, with the purchase of the software company Sun, is the current main sponsor of the Open Source project. Members of the Open Office project formed The Document Foundation back in September 2010 and made available a fork of Open Office that they called Libre Office. Open Office is governed by the Community Council which is dependent on Oracle which has led to disputes in the past which eventually led to the departure of independent developers and the forming of The Document Foundation and Libre Office.


FileMess – Pattern-Based File Sorting

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

You can do pretty much the same thing using Windows Explorer’s sort options and the cut and paste commands …

If you ever had to sort a huge amount of files stored in the same folder you know that automation can speed up the sorting considerably. Maybe you want to sort the folder with hundreds of mp3 files that you have downloaded or recorded, maybe a download folder that you never cleared before.


Chromium Updater Overview

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I haven’t really played around with Chromium much myself, but after reading this, I’m starting to think that I should probably look into it …

Chromium basically is the Open Source part of the Google Chrome browser. It is a standalone browser that runs very well on its own, and some users prefer to use it for a variety of reasons. To name some: It gets updates first before they are added to the three Google Browser variants dev, beta and stable. Another aspect is that it is completely Open Source without proprietary code.


Google webMail Filer for Thunderbird

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This sounds like it could come in handy …

Lets say you have used the Mozilla Thunderbird client for some time and have decided to move to the cloud, more precisely to Gmail or Google Mail. Question is, how do you get your emails and the folder structure over to Gmail? Sure you could do that manually; Create the folders over at Gmail and forward each and every of your emails to your Google email address. But that’s not very practicable if the mail count exceeds a few dozen. What if you have thousands of emails neatly sorted in folders?


File Verifier – Windows File Integrity Checker

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

This looks like it would come in handy when backing up files …

File integrity checks should play an important part in a computer system’s backup strategy. Nothing is worse than having to find out that the needed backups are corrupt and cannot be used anymore for restoration purposes.


Canon Hacker’s Development Kit – Canon Camera Firmware Extension

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’d be a little bit leery about using any product that has the word “Hacker” in it’s name …

The open source project Canon Hacker’s Development Kit (CHDK) adds several interesting new features to select Canon digital cameras using Canon’s Digic-II and Digic-III processors. Canon cameras that use those processors are many Canon PowerShot and Canon IXUS models, a full listing is available at the German CHDK-Treff website.


Security Software Downloader

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

As a general rule, I’m usually leery of free security software unless I’ve already read up on it. This program offers a convenient gateway to many different free security packages … but it might be a good idea to know a little bit more about each program before downloading …

One of the first tasks after the installation of an operating system is the installation of security software to protect the computer from viruses and other forms of attack.

Windows users can select programs from a huge available selection. They can install all-in-one solutions, often called security suites that combine antivirus, firewall and other security programs.

Most security suites are commercial applications. Users who do not want to pay money for security software, can install free alternatives. This usually means that the user needs to install multiple programs to protect the PC from all kinds of threats.


Why IBM, Chipmakers Are Backing an Open-source Linux Company. Hint: Intel

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is good news; Linux can use all the help it can get …

ARM, IBM, ST Ericsson, Samsung, Freescale and Texas Instruments are banding together to back a not-for-profit open-source company, Linaro, which will develop tools, packages, processes and a Linux kernel (aka a core component of the OS) that will run on any system-on-a-chip currently used by non PC-devices. They will fund the UK-based company to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and will liberally spend money on hiring crack open-source engineers — nearly a 100 of them. And their target is none other than world’s largest chipmaker: Intel Corp.


Outlook lock-in could vanish with new open source projects

Monday, May 24th, 2010

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Outlook …

Back in February, Microsoft released public specifications for PST files, the databases used by Outlook for storing and archiving e-mail. To these specifications, Microsoft has now added a pair of developer-oriented open source projects: the PST Data Structure View Tool for cracking open PSTs to browse inside them, and the PST File Format SDK, a cross-platform C++ library for working with PST files programmatically.