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A Console Terminal Server Should do More than Just Provide Out of Band Management

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Most network administrators are fairly familiar with the concept of using a console terminal server to provide secure, reliable out of band management capabilities for offsite data centers and remote network equipment racks. It’s widely accepted that the out of band communication capabilities provided by a console terminal server can help to maximize uptime and cut maintenance costs for remote network equipment, but in addition to providing an avenue for out of band management, a full featured console terminal server product that includes monitoring and alarm capabilities can also help administrators to be kept better informed regarding conditions at distant network equipment installation sites.


The Server Console Switch – A Vital Tool for Off-Site Data Center Management

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It’s almost an unwritten rule that large corporate data centers are inevitably located off-site. The reasons for this are simple; an off-site location usually allows for tighter security measures, and since data centers consume a lot of power, most corporate data centers need to be located at a site that provides access to massive power supplies needed to support routers, firewalls and cooling systems. Given the prevalence of off-site data centers, it’s no surprise that most corporate data centers include an out of band management solution that relies on a server console switch.


A Reliable Terminal Switch with Power Redundacy for Remote Applications

Monday, December 6th, 2010

A Terminal Switch is the heart of any out of band management application. When network equipment at a remote equipment site malfunctions, a terminal switch provides the most efficient, economical means to access command functions on remote devices in order to fix the problem. Almost any Terminal Switch product can provide remote access to command functions on network devices … but what if the malfunction was caused by a dead power generator or a downed power line? If power to the Terminal Switch is down, then without some sort of power redundancy, you’re back to square one, where the only solution is a long drive to the remote site.