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Remote Access to Console Ports via GigE Networks

Friday, March 18th, 2016

At one time in the not-too-distant past, a service call or truck provided the only workable solution for dealing with unresponsive routers or switches that had crashed and disrupted network communication. Although this approach (eventually) took care of the problem, it also resulted in excessive expenses, hassles and network downtime while you waited for your service team to arrive on-site. Fortunately, thanks to devices such as GigE Serial Console Servers, there are now other, more effective ways to deal with network outages.


A Console Server with Reverse SSH Capabilities Provides Additional Options for Out-of-Band Communication

Friday, May 1st, 2015

In most out-of-band management applications, a console server is connected to a secondary network, cellular router or wireless router and deployed at a remote site in order to allow remote access to console port command functions when primary network communication is not available. This works well in most cases, but if out-of-band access via both Ethernet and console port is required, a console server that supports reverse SSH connections can be used in place of a basic console server.


Communicating with Devices on an Isolated LAN via Reverse SSH

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Isolated LANs are often found in applications where either the remote nature of the site makes contact via outside network impractical and in applications where an outside network connection to the LAN might jeopardize network security. In cases like this, one of the few options for outside maintenance access to devices on the isolated LAN is often a console server that supports both dial-up access and the ability to create reverse SSH connections.


Using Reverse SSH to Manage Remote Network Elements

Monday, April 20th, 2015

In addition to providing a secure, encrypted alternative to Telnet communication, SSH (or Secure Shell Protocol,) can also be used for communication with remote devices located at distant network equipment facilities. Reverse SSH commands can simplify the process of communicating with devices protected by firewalls and also allow communication with isolated LAN segments that are normally only accessible via dial-up or local command port.


A Dual WAN Console Server Provides More Alternatives for Out-of-Band Management

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

When managing network elements in oil and gas applications, a Dual WAN Console Server can provide out-of-band communication options that usually aren’t possible with a traditional console server that only includes a single Ethernet port. In most cases, console servers with a single Ethernet port are designed primarily to allow communication via network and in some cases, dial-up. The presence of an additional Ethernet Port on Dual Wan Console Servers allows for connection to a secondary network and also simplifies the challenge of adding out-of-band access via 3G/4G/LTE cellular broadband or satellite broadband.


Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Critical Security Patch MS14-068 Today

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

It sounds like this is more of a problem on the server side than it is on the client side, but either way, it’s a good argument for keeping one’s PC up-to-date, patch-wise.

Microsoft released fourteen security bulletins last week on this month’s patch day. If you read the patch notes or our summary, you may have noticed that two bulletins were mentioned but not released on that day. It is unclear why the two bulletins were listed by Microsoft but not released on the day. One explanation for this is that the company needed more time to create patches for affected systems.


Effective Remote Management of Network Devices in Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The task of managing network equipment in oil and gas industry applications often involves dealing with problems at facilities and equipment enclosures that are miles and miles away from the central office. When a crucial network element located at a distant oil rig, pipeline monitoring station or oil tanker refuses to respond to commands, NOC personnel in the petroleum industry need a means to deal with the problem immediately, without the delays associated with a physical service call.


Dual Ethernet Console Server – Other Options for Remote Access to Vital Network Elements

Friday, July 25th, 2014

A Dual Ethernet Console Server can provide network administrators with a variety of different options for accessing console port command functions on remote or inaccessible network elements. This is especially true if the Dual Ethernet Console Server includes separate routing tables for each Ethernet port. In addition to serving as a vital element in network redundancy applications, a Dual Ethernet Console Server can also simplify remote console access in applications that feature an isolated maintenance network and can also provide additional communication options for server room crash carts.


Airline Deploys WTI Console Servers in Enterprise Solution

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


A large airline has operations hosted at data centers across the county that manage hundreds of servers, routers, switches and storage devices. Equipment uptime and real-time alarm data is a critical part of daily operations of the airline. When the time came to perform a major network equipment upgrade, the airline looked for a new remote console management solution provider who could offer the best of breed technology and also meet their stringent MTBF requirements.


Having Trouble Finding Cisco 2509 Units? Here’s an Alternative Out-of-Band Access Solution

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Although network engineers have long relied on the Cisco 2509 as a solution for out remote console access, Cisco 2509 units have become increasingly hard to find since it’s discontinuation as a product in 2004. A determined search might turn up two or three Cisco 2509 units here and there, but the task of finding sufficient quantities of 2509 units to support a large scale network application has become nearly impossible. Fortunately, WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide a perfect drop-in replacement for the venerable Cisco 2509.