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Secure, Reliable Out-of-Band Management for Oil Tanker Applications

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Unresponsive network elements on oil tankers can present a bit of a challenge to both on-board and shore based tech support personnel … especially if that oil tanker is currently at sea. When a router or firewall crashes and takes down important navigation, helideck monitoring or communication systems with it, network administrators need to be able to act fast to restore normal operation before safety issues ensue. There’s often no time to fly in a tech support team or take off on a trek to the other end of the ship to investigate problems in a remote equipment enclosure; NOC personnel need an out-of-band management solution that can deal with the problem at once.


Effective Remote Management of Network Devices in Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The task of managing network equipment in oil and gas industry applications often involves dealing with problems at facilities and equipment enclosures that are miles and miles away from the central office. When a crucial network element located at a distant oil rig, pipeline monitoring station or oil tanker refuses to respond to commands, NOC personnel in the petroleum industry need a means to deal with the problem immediately, without the delays associated with a physical service call.


Remote Out-of-Band Management via 3G/4G Modem

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

When network equipment is located in extremely remote locations, the task of implementing an effective out-of-band management solution can present a difficult challenge. At remote installations sites that are far off the beaten track, network cables and phone lines are often unavailable, forcing network engineers to rely on other means for out-of-band access to networked devices. One effective solution to this type of application is an out-of-band management solution based on communication via 3G/4G modem.