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Discover and Fix Unresponsive Network Elements Before Your Users Start to Complain

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

It isn’t always easy to know when a critical network element at a remote equipment site has malfunctioned or crashed. When a router or switch in a distant network equipment rack locks up and refuses to respond, a good IT administrator shouldn’t just wait until a user complains before taking action; an effective IT administrator should be able to detect equipment problems and deal with unresponsive devices before they cause problems for network users.


Automatically Reboot Network Elements that Fail to Respond to Ping Commands

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

When a remote network equipment rack or off-site data center includes a remote reboot unit, this allows network administrators and support personnel to reboot network devices at the remote equipment site without the need for an expensive service call. Although a remote reboot switch provides an excellent solution for rebooting remote network devices, there’s still room for improvement in that this type of solution still relies on a user or administrator to report an unresponsive device before a remote reboot is initiated.