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A Terminal Switch with a Multilevel User Directory Provides Different Capabilities to Different Users

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Sometimes, the out of band management capabilities provided by a terminal switch ( are almost too useful for their own good. Often, the ability to access console port functions on remote network elements proves to be so handy, that the network administrator is faced with the challenge of providing terminal switch access to a variety of different users, while also restricting those users from devices and functions that are not related to their jobs. In cases like this, a terminal switch unit with a multilevel user directory provides a simple means for administrators to grant users with out of band access to the devices that they need, while preventing those users from accessing devices that may belong to other departments or functions.


A User Directory that Simplifies Console Server Management

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

A console server management product can be a very useful tool for network administrators who need to monitor and maintain remote network equipment installations. It’s also important to note however, that the same remote access capabilities that make console server management solutions so helpful, can also present a bit of a security challenge for administrators who need to allow users to access specific command and connection functions, while simultaneously ensuring that users don’t stray beyond the capabilities that they are authorized to employ.


A Simple Way to Manage Console Server Access Rights for Multiple Users

Monday, November 1st, 2010

A console server can be an extremely handy tool for remote network administration; sometimes, it can be almost too handy. Access rights usually aren’t a problem when only your IT support staff have access to your console server, but often, once other departments discover what can be done with a console server, they’ll suddenly need to use the console server too.


What does Your Console Server do to Ensure Internal Network Security?

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

In many data center applications, a single console server might be shared by many different personnel and departments. For example, your lower level IT support staff might need access to command functions on routers and switches, while your engineers might need access to command functions on a file server. One challenge that constantly arises in multi-user environments of this type, is the task of allowing users to access certain devices, while preventing them from accessing other devices that might belong to a different department. Likewise, you might want to allow some users to invoke status display commands, while preventing them from changing console server configuration.