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A Console Server Management Unit with a Multi-Level User Directory Provides Unique Capabilities to Each User

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Sometimes, a console server management unit can almost be too useful for its own good. In many cases, once network administrators have installed a console server management unit as a part of an out of band management solution, other network professionals within the organization will discover that they could use out of band access to remote network elements too. A typical console server management unit can easily handle the extra user load, but then administrators are faced with the problem of restricting these additional users to appropriate devices and command capabilities. The most practical solution to this problem, is to choose a console server management unit that includes a multi-level user’s directory.


The User Directory – Simplifying Multiple User Access to your Console Switch

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

When a console switch is used to manage multiple devices in a data center, it’s common that many different users are allowed to access command functions on the switch. This allows each department or work group to be responsible for the maintenance of their own rack mount devices, while also preventing departments from accessing equipment that belongs to another department or division. Typically, an individual account will be defined for each user. This account will define which ports and command functions will be available to each user, effectively providing access to some devices, while denying access to others.