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Remote Console Access and Power Control in a Compact 1U Device

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The ability to access console port command functions and control power reboot functions at remote network equipment sites can be a life saver for any network administrator responsible for maintaining remote network equipment racks. Unfortunately, rack space is often critical at branch offices and kiosks, and sometimes, there just isn’t enough room for both a console server and switched PDU. WTI’s Console Server + Power Control Hybrids solve this problem by combining both remote console access and remote power reboot control in a single, convenient 1U device.


Remote Network Management for Applications that are Short on Rack Space

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Remote power control and remote console port access are two vital tools for network administrators. With these tools, administrators can initiate power reboot cycles, take devices out of service, and access command functions on remote network devices without actually traveling to the equipment site in person. Obviously, remote power control and command access are very valuable tools … but what if your application doesn’t provide room for both a console server and a switched PDU?


A Power Control and Console Access Solution for Applications where Rack Space is Tight

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

If you’re faced with the task of maintaining multiple, far-flung network installations, then you already know that remote console port access and remote power reboot control are both extremely valuable tools for dealing with problems at far away branch offices and equipment closets. But what if your network equipment rack doesn’t have enough free rack space to allow both a console server and a switched PDU? Does that mean that you have to choose between console access and reboot control? Of course not; WTI’s Power + Console Hybrid products provide both remote console access and remote reboot capabilities in one, convenient, 1U product.


Need a Space-Saving Tool for Remote Console Port Access AND Power Control?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Most console server products provide the ability to establish a secure connection to a console port on a remote network element. But as handy as this capability is … sometimes it’s not enough. If you’re charged with the responsibility of maintaining communication with remote network elements, it doesn’t take long to discover that sometimes, console port access alone isn’t enough to resurrect a crashed router or a misbehaving firewall. Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned power reboot is the only thing that will get that network element up and running again.