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Managing Power and Reboot Switching at Remote Network Equipment Sites

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

When a remote network element crashes or becomes unresponsive, in many cases, a quick power reboot will bring the uncooperative device back online. While rebooting a network element located down the hall or in the room next door is generally a pretty simple proposition, the task of rebooting a remote element, located in a distant off-site facility, miles away from the central office can often prove to be a bit more of a challenge. In cases like this, a Switched PDU can provide fast, secure access to reboot functions at remote facilities without the need for a service call.


Remote Power Units Provide a Quick Way to Deal with Network Emergencies

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

When a critical network element, located in an off-site equipment rack malfunctions and disrupts network communication, it’s often a race against time to get the malfunctioning device back up and running again and restore network communication before the complaints from anxious network users start rolling in. If the troublesome network device was located nearby, it would be a snap to fix the problem; in many cases, all it takes to get a malfunctioning device on its feet again is a simple power reboot. But when the device that’s causing the network outage is located miles away from your office in a remote data center or isolated network equipment rack, even something as simple as a power reboot suddenly becomes a big problem.


Switched PDUs – An Intelligent Way to Remotely Meter and Control Power

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

These days, most large companies are becoming increasingly aware of the ecological and economic impact of power consumption. Large power consumers (e.g., companies that use a lot of network equipment) have realized that excess power consumption is not only ecologically undesirable, but it also results in larger energy bills. They also realize that a Switched PDU can provide a powerful tool for both measuring and controlling energy consumption by their network applications.


The Sleeping Giant Awakes: Cisco Launches First Smart Grid Products

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

I’d like to get a look at some of this smart grid equipment; it sounds kind of like a gigantic, metered PDU on steroids …

If you’ve been wondering (like we have) what exactly networking giant Cisco planned to sell to utilities for the smart grid, ponder no longer. Cisco announced its first smart grid-specific products on Tuesday, including a router and grid switch, which are based on its traditional networking products but have been built specifically for the utility environment.

Cisco’s new smart grid gear — dubbed the Cisco 2000 Series Connected Grid Router (CGR 2010) and the Cisco 2500 Series Connected Grid Switch (CGS 2520) — gives utilities another option for deploying smart grid networks, and offers them the security of having the deep pockets and extensive supply chain of a big company. Utilities are risk averse by nature, have to abide by very specific regulations for maintaining service and for the most part, prefer to work with a big company with decades of experience under its belt.