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OEM Updaters Put PCs at Risk

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

A lot of the information in this article sort of goes without saying, but it still serves as a nice reminder …

A study by Duo Security, Inc suggests that OEM Updaters, programs designed by PC manufacturers to update vendor-specific software, do more harm than good as they put PCs at risk. Prebuild desktop computers, laptops and tablets ship with a set of added applications and programs more often than not. Commonly referred to as crapware, these programs add little value to the system and are often comprised of trial versions, shortcuts, and programs created by the manufacturer of the device.


Microsoft Signature, Crapware-Free PCs from Microsoft

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Here’s a very cool idea from Microsoft … and it’s even cooler that it doesn’t cost anything extra to have a crapware-free PC …

If you have ever bought a pre-manufactured PC, be it a desktop PC, laptop or other variant, you have probably noticed the abundance of programs that the system comes pre-installed with. From antivirus trial versions to desktop shortcuts, Adobe products and other software, there is a lot to remove on the PC. If your an experienced user you are probably using a program like PC Decrapifier to batch remove most of the programs that manufacturers like to put on the PC. If you are less tech savvy, you may end up with a PC that is not as fast as a clean one.