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How to Check the Security of Proxy Servers

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

There are very few things in life that are truly free, and when it comes to free proxy services, it’s a good idea to know just what that “free” services actually costs you.

A recent study of 443 free proxy servers by Austrian security researcher Christian Haschek ended with the conclusion that free is not necessarily a good thing, at least when it comes to the majority of proxy servers analyzed in the study. Web proxies come in different flavors but the two groups that you will encounter the most are proxies that you use on web pages and proxies that you add to your browser directly.


One-Click Web Proxy Extension for Google Chrome

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

While this might not be the most secure way to surf the web, it does provide an easy way to get to blocked web sites …

It can sometimes be very handy to access a website or service through a proxy server. Why? It can be that the service is limited access to users from a specific country, or that a website that you want to access is banned or blocked in a country or computer network. Proxies are often the solution when it comes to visiting blocked websites. They are not a solution for all issues though and users should make sure not to enter sensitive information while using a third party proxy server.